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Gombe Chimpanzee

Gombe Chimpanzee Sanctuary - A Must-Visit
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Gombe Chimpanzee

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Whilst Gombe Stream may be pintsized in comparison with the other larger and more popular National Parks, however the Gombe Stream has so much to offer visitors. This is the famous spot where Jane Goodall conducted her long standing research into the behavior of chimps and one of her students Fife the chimpanzee is still swinging in the branches of the Gombe Stream and a regular sight for visitors.

The Gombe Stream incites tourism due to it being one of the main places to spot chimpanzees outside of the Mahale Mountains. This beautiful garden is a chimpanzee habitat and it is not uncommon to see our closest genetic relatives preening each other in the trees. Chimpanzee trekking is one of the favored activities at the Gombe Stream National Park and visitors often talk about walking through the ancient rainforest trails and hearing the deafening and otherworldly cry of the chimpanzees as they call to each other.

Yet chimpanzees are not the only primate to be spotted in the colorful and vibrant landscape of the Gombe Stream, Olive Baboons are also closely under watch and you can see the troop of native Beachcomber Baboons trailing their fingers in the rich earth as they stalk the Red Columbus through the trees.

In the Gombe Stream National Park, glimmering and jeweled birds flood the canopies and guests can catch a rare glimpse of the fish eagle as it swoops down for its supper. The crescendo of birdsong is amazing as there are more than 200 species of our feathered friends soaring the tree tops.

As the Gombe Stream National park nestles on the northern shores of the stunning Lake Tanganyika you can swim in the warm and welcoming crystal clear waters and even dive down with a snorkel to catch sight of what lies beneath in this underwater kingdom. Fishing is another popular activity and it is not a rare sight to see visitors cooking up the catch of the day for a sunset supper on the sandy shores of the lake.

Leopards have been known to slink through the paths of the National Park and bushbuck can be found peering through the rich greenery of the forest. Being such a small place the Gombe Stream National Park is the perfect place to discover the Tanzanian wilderness on foot and enjoy an alternative option to the long and dusty big game drives of the Serengeti. Here you can touch, smell and breathe natural beauty, cooling your skin in the crisp streams and touching the ancient bark of trees.

The sandy beaches are also a welcome sight for visitors wanting to kick back and relax on the soft sand or wade in the pristine blue shallows under the shadows of the rich greenery. Accommodation in the tiny Gombe Stream National Park can range from the basic fly zip tent for those wanting to stretch out beneath the shimmering stars or basic lodge accommodation for those who prefer a real roof over their head.