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As you embark on the journey of a lifetime through Tanzania's pristine wilderness, a pivotal decision awaits: Private or Shared Safari? Each option offers a distinct path, promising a safari experience as unique as the majestic landscapes that stretch before you. Delve into the heart of this choice and discover which route resonates with your safari aspirations.
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Tanzania Private Safari

Embark on the Ultimate Adventure with Private Safaris in Tanzania

So, you’ve set your sights on Tanzania for your next unforgettable photo safari. Now, as you ponder your options, two crucial questions arise: Private or Shared Safari? Let’s delve into the essence of each to help you chart the perfect course for your safari experience.

Private Tanzania Safari: Tailored to Your Every Whim

Opting for a Private Tanzania Safari grants you exclusive access to a safari vehicle and guide. Picture this: you’re at the helm, orchestrating each day’s adventure according to your desires. From the crack of dawn to the golden hues of dusk, the power lies in your hands. Need a bit of guidance? Fear not, for your tour operator and seasoned safari guide are there to offer insights and recommendations. However, the final call rests with you.

Undoubtedly, the most glaring distinction with a private safari lies in its cost. While it may require a more substantial investment, the returns are immeasurable—a truly bespoke safari encounter. Our guides boast years of expertise, navigating every nook and cranny of Tanzania’s revered National Parks. Yet, amidst this wealth of knowledge, it’s your preferences that dictate the day’s trajectory.

Shared Tanzania Safari: A Communal Expedition

On the flip side, a Group Safari or Shared Tanzania Safari places you alongside fellow adventurers on a shared itinerary. These groups typically comprise a small, intimate gathering, fostering a sense of camaraderie among participants. However, with shared experiences come compromises. Your safari driver must navigate the desires of all guests, inevitably curtailing individual autonomy.

Yet, there’s a silver lining to shared safaris. Tanzania’s allure draws kindred spirits—wildlife enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike. Many of our shared safari guests forge lasting friendships amidst the savannah’s splendor, enriching the journey with shared laughter and shared memories.


Private Tanzania Safari Tours

Now, the million-dollar question: which safari experience aligns with your aspirations? Are you swayed by the allure of budget-conscious group excursions, where camaraderie reigns supreme? Or do you yearn for the intimacy and autonomy of a personalized tour, where every moment is tailored to your whims?

Whatever your inclination, we’re here to make your Tanzanian safari dreams a reality. Whether you crave the communal spirit of a shared safari or the unrivaled luxury of a private expedition, we’ll craft an experience that surpasses your wildest expectations. Contact us today and unlock the gateway to Tanzania’s untamed beauty. Your adventure awaits.

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Private Tanzania Safari or Shared Tanzania Safari

Feature Private Safari Group Safari
CostMore expensiveGenerally cheaper
FlexibilityHigh; can adjust itinerary, start/end times, and activitiesLow; fixed itinerary and schedules
CustomizationHigh; tailored to your interests and needsLow; must adhere to group interests
PrivacyHigh; only with your chosen companions and guideLow; with multiple strangers
Vehicle SpaceMore space; freedom to move aroundLimited space; assigned seats, rotation may be needed
ComfortHigh; control over stops, pace, and seatingVariable; depends on group dynamics and seating arrangements
Social InteractionLimited to your groupOpportunity to meet new people; potential for bad chemistry
Driver/Guide InteractionExclusive attention from the guideShared attention from the guide
PhotographyEasier to get optimal angles and shotsPotentially obstructed views due to more people
Additional ActivitiesCan include optional activities like night drives, balloon safarisLimited; group must agree for any add-ons
Suitability for Special NeedsBetter suited for families, elderly, or professional photographersLess suited; compromises may be necessary
Duration of Safari/DrivesFlexible; can adjust as per preferencesFixed; around 9-11 hours including pickups and drop-offs
LuggageMore lenient with spaceRestricted to one duffel bag or backpack per client
Risk of DelaysVehicle waits for youMay miss activities if delayed
Networking OpportunitiesLimitedHigh; meet and interact with new people
Peace of MindHigh; focus on your experienceVariable; depends on group dynamics
Decision MakingYou dictate activities and scheduleGroup decisions and compromises needed
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Private Safari
Shared Safari

Private Safaris

You alone in the vehicle

This is usually in a large vehicle with space for up to 8 guests.

This is a private vehicle allowing you complete freedom.

You can decide on when you want to start & end your safari day.

Complete freedom – stop when & for how long you want.

Recommended for specialist photographers, honeymooners and families

Shared Safaris

In a Group with Others

This is usually in a large vehicle with space for up to 8 guests.

Can decrease prices a lot especially for groups less than 3.

Great opportunity to meet other people from around the world.

You have separate rooms but the benefit of good company during transfers and meals.

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