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Lake Tanganyika

Delving into the Beauty of Lake Tanganyika
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Lake Tanganyika

lake tanganyika
lake tanganyika

Lake Nyasa also known as Lake Malawi is one of the largest lakes in Africa and with warm tropical waters it supports an unrivalled number of fish species than any other lake in the world. Nestled in the Great Rift Valley the result is a spectacular warm water lake against a staggering golden background that is a rare treat for any visitor to experience whilst in Africa.

One of the greatest lures of Lake Nyasa is Matama Beach on the northern shores. This stretch of fine sand and the welcoming clear and glittering waters provide the perfect waterhole for swimming and basking in the beautiful sun. As this area is relatively undeveloped you can enjoy the real feel of an authentic wilderness in this heaven on earth spot. Visitors can enjoy the pleasure of every water sport imaginable, whether its kayaking out on the gorgeous waters, water skiing or diving down into the deep to swim with the colorful schools of fish.

Pretty little fishing villages scatter the shoreline and the locals rely on the water harvest as their local economy. Fishing is a must do on this great body of water and it’s always a pleasant experience to watch the wooden boats bob against the calming blue horizon shot with golden shafts of sunlight. Lake Nyasa is a world heritage site and has been declared a place of outstanding universal value. This is because of the unique and unrivalled fish diversity the blood warm waters support which is so staggering it has even been compared to the ecosystem of the tropical Galapagos Islands.

A trip to the beauty of Lake Nyasa can offer a beautiful feast of soft sand, sparkling sunshine, fresh fruit and pin pricked stars in the great canvas of space. Around the shores of the giant soak tub lake you can find plenty of places to lay your head. From luxury lodges to tented camps to charming little beach villas – it seems every need has been catered for. Whether you want to spend your stay drinking cocktails on the verandah of a local hotel or in the heart of the wilderness with the soft sandy beach as your own private garden, you can have it all at Lake Nyasa.

This charming part of the earth is known as the Lake of Stars. David Livingstone coined this term when he visited the great body of water and stood awe struck by the gentle glittering lanterns twinkling on the waters as the local fishermen cast their lines from their wooden boats. Another name for this great place is the Lake of Storms, as it is common for sweeping gales to wail across the waters.

Even though the bright scales of fish make up the most spectacular breath of wildlife in the area it is not uncommon for visitors to observe bigger species roaming the shores. Hippos groan in the shallow waters, crocodiles shift from the sunny rocks to the waters and monkeys let out a screech from the tree tops to welcome a new day.

Lake Nyasa is a spot of pure romance and visitors can’t help but feeling sentimental about the beauty and glory of this wonderful spot on earth. For those who want to take a break from the safari lifestyle and enjoy Africa in a resort like natural setting then Lake Nyasa should certainly be at the very top of your must see places list.