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What Else To Do At Lake manyara

Discovering More at Lake Manyara
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What Else To Do At Lake manyara

lake manyara tanzania safari header
lake manyara tanzania safari header

Down the golden cliffs of the Rift Valley you can find the beautiful, soft alkaline waters of Lake Manyara. This little spot is a firm favorite with visitors to Tanzania and has even been described by Ernest Hemmingway as the loveliest lake in Africa during his long stay around the snows of Kilimanjaro.

Lake Manyara seems to hold a sense of magic and allows visitors to explore the gifts of Africa’s landscape and wilderness in a truly accessible and swift manner. From the Pink Flamingos crowding the clay shores of the lake to the dik-dik antelopes darting through the dense green forest, groups of baboons munching fruit on the roadside and long tusked elephants rambling through the fields, there is so much to explore in Lake Manyara.

Like many other lakes in Tanzania, Lake Manyara is an awe inspiring spectacle for bird lovers. Over four hundred species flood the shores and ancient tree tops of Lake Manyara, water birds such as pelicans and long legged storks skim the surface of the waters hoping to catch something tasty for breakfast and as the sun slants over the shores, the wildlife cries of the migrating birds is an otherworldly sound.

The diverse landscape of Lake Manyara is home to many animals both great and small, from sharp eyed mongoose darting through the belly of the forest to wallowing wide toothed hippos. Blue monkeys dance over the thick branches of the acacia trees and herds of wildebeest and striped zebras graze on the sweeping plains. One of the main sights that draws wildlife viewers to the pink hued shores of Lake Manyara is for those hoping to catch a glimpse of the infamous Manyara tree climbing lions. Lake Manyara is also known for having the largest population of baboons in Africa. Troops of up to two hundred baboons can prowl the shadows of the forest.

On the southern side of the park, hot springs seethe and bubble and dribble down in contract with the cool waters of Lake Manyara. During the dry season of June to October and January to February, the magnificent lake shrinks to a fraction of its size and during the rainy season the banks bulge and bring a wide spectacle of opulent flora and fauna. In November and December the thunderstorms roll across the sky bringing a mirage of colors and a taste of excitement. However Lake Manyara remains warm and inviting throughout the year.

Accommodation around Lake Manyara is designed to bring a spot of luxury into your stay. With beautifully decorated lodges, home cooked dishes and cooling plunge pools you can enjoy pure indulgence in the stunning lakeside setting. Massages and candlelit meals on the verandah as you witness a flaming sunset really make a stay at Lake Manyara a dream come true. Most of the lodges are set in isolated glades of shade so you can really experience the natural settings without feeling restricted by tourism. Many places offer midnight safaris which is an unrivalled experience as you drive under the shadows of the ancient trees and hear a lion softly roaring for a mate beneath the stars.

Despite being one of the smaller reserves in comparison to its big brothers a stay at Lake Manyara is a must for travelers who want to soak up a piece of Hemmingway’s Africa. Utterly inspired and truly one of the most beautiful lakes you can hope to find in Tanzania – Lake Manyara is a pure delight.