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Top 5 Reasons For a Tanzanian Holiday

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Top 5 Reasons For a Tanzanian Holiday

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It is debatable for some but most adventurists agree that a safari is the most thrilling holiday of all. And when it comes to safaris, nothing beats the wonders of Africa. For those who aren’t very aware of African safaris, Tanzanian safari holiday is by far the best.

Tanzania is a country in Eastern Africa that has Kenya to its north, Uganda and Rwanda as well as Burundi to its northwest, Congo to its west, Zambia to its southwest and Mozambique along with Malawi to its south. To its east lies the Indian Ocean. A Tanzanian safari holiday is the sheer best in Africa because it is safe, peaceful and you would get much more resources at your discretion. Truth be told, many African destinations are great for safaris but we all know about the turmoil in Kenya, Somalia and lately in the North African countries.

Here are five reasons why you should plan a Tanzanian safari holiday today.

  • There are some parts of Africa that have amazing landscape, wildlife and offer exotic as well as thrilling adventures but they tend to get overcrowded and the unsafe places are not explored by international tourists. Tanzania is the only place where you would get endless stretches of amazing landscape, parks, natural wonders and diverse wildlife without having to jostle for space. You can spend weeks on a Tanzanian safari holiday and still not meet many people, although there are innumerable tourists on safaris at the same time.

  • Let us talk about what makes a Tanzanian safari holiday so enticing. Is it Manyara Ranch, Chem Chem or Lake Manyara National Park? Is it Tarangire, Mt Kilimanjaro or Lake Tanganyika? Tanzania is home to the highest mountain in the continent, Mt Kilimanjaro, and it is home to the second deepest lake in the world, Lake Tanganyika. There are very few places in the world where you get such contrasting natural wonders.


  • A Tanzanian safari holiday would be truly satiating if you love wildlife. What would you want to spot on a safari, lions, buffalos, chimpanzees or do you wish to spot the big five, the African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard and White or Black rhinoceros? You can spot them all on a Tanzanian safari holiday.

  • Another reason why people love a Tanzanian safari holiday is the people. They are friendly and hospitable; they are quite intelligent and would amaze you with their culture. Also, they are some of the best guides to explore the hidden gems in the region.


  • Tanzania is home to Zanzibar. If you haven’t been to Zanzibar, then your around the world in a lifetime is incomplete.