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Top 10 to remember when safari packing

All the things you need when going on a Tanzania Safari.
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Top 10 to remember when safari packing

packing for tanzania safari

Top 10 things to remember when safari packing

1. A camera This is essential for a Tanzanian safari to help you capture those special moments. It is hard to buy memory cards so ensure that you bring several with you for your Tanzanian safari. You will also need to bring spare batteries and a charger as you will be using your camera all the time on your safari to Tanzania. 2. Binoculars These are essential for a safari to Tanzania as will help you to spot animals and birds from your safari truck. Once you have spotted them then your Tanzanian guide will be able to take you closer to the animals. Many lodges on your Tanzanian safari will also have lookout points for animals and birds. 3. Animal and Bird guide books There are many animals and birds that you will see on your safari to Tanzania and you will be amazed at how quickly you start to recognise these with the help of your guide books. 4. Insect repellent Whilst you are on safari in Tanzania there will be flying insects, you are in a game park after all. Take some strong insect repellent to protect you so that you can enjoy the wildlife on your safari to Tanzania and not worry about being bitten! 5. A jumper or fleece On a Tanzanian safari you will most definitely go for an early morning game drive. The big cats like to move about and hunt early morning in Tanzania before it gets too hot. Mornings can be chilly on a safari truck in Tanzania and you will enjoy it more if you are warm. At night on your safari in Tanzania you will also have the opportunity to sit around a camp fire and your jumper or fleece will keep the insects away. 6. A head torch This will be useful for when you are in your camp on safari in Tanzania. All the lodges will be well lit but it helps on the trip back to your banda (hut) and for those early morning starts. 7. Sunhat As Tanzania is near to the Equator the midday sun is hot! This will be used a lot on your Tanzanian safari. One with a strap is even better so that it stays on whilst driving in the park. 8. Khaki coloured cotton clothing Shorts, t – shirts and long cotton trousers will keep you cool on your Tanzanian safari. It will also be less likely to show dirt as you will be travelling in a game park and the roads will be dusty. 9. Suntan lotion Tanzanian sun is hot on safari, especially at midday. Take a high factor for your safari and for resting at your lodge in Tanzania, many have swimming pools. 10. A sense of adventure A Tanzanian safari will be an experience that you never forget. Be open to new experiences and new encounters with local people, birds and wildlife on your Tanzanian adventure.