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Tips For Tanzania Honeymoon

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Tips For Tanzania Honeymoon

Tanzanian Honeymoons

Tips For Tanzania Honeymoon

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Top 10 Tips For Tanzania Honeymoon


  1. Book early to avoid disappointment

Ideally you should start making arrangements as soon as you know your dates, especially if you’re getting married during peak times such as July and August or Christmas and New Year. Most itineraries can be booked on a low deposit.


  1. Check the weather

If you have your heart set on a specific country, you may have to set your wedding around your honeymoon as not every destination enjoys good weather all year.


  1. Special honeymoon offers

We have many special offers that are unique to honeymooners. These can include anything from discounted rates to unique experiences. Contact one of our team to get the latest info.


  1. Budget

We can work with your budget – we have access to everything, from beach huts to luxury retreats and all that’s in-between. Be honest and realistic from the outset with your budget and we will ensure that you get the very best honeymoon for you.


  1. Wedding gift vouchers

Don’t need another toaster? Why not get your friends and family to contribute to the cost of your honeymoon instead? We can run a gift list for your honeymoon at no extra cost.


  1. Passport name change

We would recommend booking all your flights and accommodations in the name that will be on your passport when you travel. If you want to get it changed to your new married name you must allow plenty of time.


  1. Travel Insurance

Don’t leave home without it! In fact you should have it in place at the time of booking your honeymoon as insurance policies taken out after the date booking do not cover you for cancellation. Make sure your policy covers any honeymoon extras you might take like rings, and will cover you for any specific activities such as diving or trekking.


  1. The High Street doesn’t cut it

When planning a special trip it’s even more important to speak to a specialist. They will know your chosen destination inside out and will provide expert advice to ensure that all of your needs and expectations are met.


  1. Not just a number

Everyone is different. Whether you want sun, sand, sea or safari we can arrange it. Discuss with your partner about what you want to do and how active you want to be and tell your agent.


  1. Book and relax

Work with your agent until the itinerary is exactly right. Then book and relax.

Hope these Tips For Tanzania Honeymoon Work for You,