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Tips for climbing Kilimanjaro

Essential Tips for Conquering Kilimanjaro: Your Guide to a Successful Summit
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Tips for climbing Kilimanjaro

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Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro Is Easier Than You Think & More Adventurous At The Same Time

It is a myth that only the fittest and the most trained of all people can climb mountains. Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro is quite possible and you can do it if you have just five days or a week of training. Even if you aren’t the fittest in your family or you are someone who would rather grab a snack and watch television instead of working out, you can still make it.

You should remember that Mt Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa but it isn’t Mt Everest and K2 or Mount Godwin Austen. Those are the kind of peaks that you don’t want to be at unless you are a pro. Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro is fun and it is doable.

However, you need proper planning, deft guidance and you have to be psychologically ready. Unlike what many people feel, the expedition will take a toll physically but not before taking a toll on your psyche.

Here are some tips that you could use while preparing and while climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.

You should always opt for molded insoles in your boots. No matter how comfy your boots are, after walking and climbing for several hours for five or seven days continuously, your feet wouldn’t look or feel even remotely the same as they were.

Do not go shopping before climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. You don’t need most of the items you would carry with you after you are done with the climb and the descent. Rent the gear, walking poles and even the down jacket. Hire everything you can hire and it would save you a lot of money. Also, don’t carry too many items.

Your guide will tell you this but it is worth mentioning that you must pack for all seasons. As you scale the heights, you would come across all kinds of weather conditions. You don’t need too many woolies or too many of anything. You just need some of everything.

No matter how healthy and fit you are or otherwise, you would experience altitude sickness while climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. Everyone experiences it and the only solution is a few Diamox tablets.

You must prepare for flatulence and the only way to prepare is to be ready psychologically. When you get to the last leg of the climb, the atmospheric pressure will play with your bowels and you cannot avoid but let go the gas. Don’t be embarrassed, everyone around you would be doing the same.