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Tanzania National Park Fees

Explaining Tanzania National Park Fees
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Tanzania National Park Fees

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Tanzania National Park Fees

Tanzanan National Park fees have undergone a dramatic overhaul within the last 5 years. They have increased by around a quarter due to the increases and introduction of VAT.


National Park Fees are now a large part of your Tanzania Safari.

These are some summary charges below for tourists to Tanzania:


Tanzania National Park Total Price Per Person Incl VAT
Adults (17 years and above)
Lake Manyara National Park $ 53.10
Tarangire National Park $ 53.10
Serengeti National Park $ 70.80
Ngorongoro Crater $ 70.80
Arusha National Park $ 53.10
Kilimanjaro National Park $ 82.60
Tanzania National Park Total
Adults (17 years and above)
Serengeti National Park $ 59.00
Ngorongoro Crater $ 59.00
Tanzania National Park Total
Children (Age of 5 – 16)
Lake Manyara National Park $ 17.70
Tarangire National Park $ 17.70
Serengeti National Park $ 23.60
Ngorongoro Crater $ 23.60
Arusha National Park $ 17.70
Kilimanjaro National Park $ 23.60
Tanzania National Park Total
Children (Age of 5 – 16)
Serengeti National Park $ 11.80
Ngorongoro Crater $ 11.80


Selous Game  Reserve Fees


Please note the Selous Game Reserve is managed by another entity and payment through them is :

Game Reserve Fees
(inc. 18% VAT)
Price Per Person Notes
Adult Entry + Conservation (18+ yrs) $ 76.70
Child Entry + Conservation (5-17 yrs) $ 53.10 $ 8.10
Boating Fee $ 5.90 Payable for full day boat only
Landing Fee $ 11.80 Payable when arriving by plane.



Ngorongoro Crater Fees

To enter the Ngorongoro crater there is a one off vehicle entry fee of USD 295 per vehicle above and beyond the individual entry fees. This USD 295 only needs to be paid if you plan to descend (drive inside) the crater otherwise you will need you are required to pay the NCA transit fees which are the same as the entry (not decent fees)

As an example, you want to drive from Arusha to Serengeti and while enroute, you will cross Ngorongoro Conservation Area before entering the Serengeti National Park. In this scenario, you will be required to pay the NCA Transit fees at the Ngorongoro gates which is same as the Ngorongoro park fees mentioned above in the tables. Yes, even if you do not plan to descend inside the Ngorongoro crater, you still need to pay the NCA Transit fees. You do not need to pay the Ngorongoro crater vehicle entry fee of USD 295 per vehicle in this case as you do not descend inside the crater.



We are here to help and thats why you should visit to Tanzania with someone experienced.  Main take home points are:

  • Fees are per person and are valid for a 24 hours period.
  • The Tanzania government can change fees at any time with immediate effect.
  • Operators have to pay staff entry, concession fees and vehicle fees.