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Stonetown Unveiled: Digging Deeper into the Cultural and Architectural Marvels of Zanzibar
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Stonetown Extra Info


Stonetown is considered by many to be the heart of Zanzibar. Stonetown is the only functional historical city in east Africa and is much the same today as it was 200 years ago.

Stonetown is a city within a city and is the oldest section of Zanzibar town; made up of winding lanes and unique stone coral houses. This Arabic settlement originated as a small island divided from the mainland by a creek which was eventually filled to make Creek Road.

A former British Consul in Zanzibar wrote the following about the area in 1879 which still ring true today- “An architectural background of Arabian arches, heavy carved wooden doors, circular towers, narrow latticed windows with sharp turnings on narrower lanes as you reach the center.”

One of the most famous attractions of stone town is the food night market. This food market begins early evening on the beach front in the Foradani Gardens and features various sellers sell everything from whole lobster to small meat kebabs and it’s most famous offering is the Zanzibar pizza – an intriguing mix of novella  cheese mayonnaise and egg.