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Serengeti Safari Tanzania

A Serengeti Safari - this is what people imagine there Lion King safari to be.
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This is what safari is all about – endless plains, endless animals and the famous migration.

Serengeti Safari Tanzania

Between the world famous Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Victoria and the Tanzania northern border with Kenya; stretches one of the world’s largest great wildlife refuges – home to the Serengeti safari.

A Serengeti Safari is usually one of the first things people to Tanzania ask about and rightly so. The Serengeti name comes from the Maasai word Seringit meaning “endless plains” – a great way of describing this 15,000 square kilometres reserve.

So why go on a Serengeti safari, well the 3,000,000 animals which live in the national park and most of whom play a part in the largest seasonal migration found in nature. Not since the great bison migrations across the North American plains has there been such concentrations of animals on the move at once.

Twice a year triggered by the rains 1.5 million wildebeest and other animals gather to undertake the long trek to follow new grazing; the migration of the herbivores is roughly defined by the Serengeti / Maasai Mara border

Other than the migration one of the most famous areas of the Serengeti and a must for a Serengeti safari is the Seronera valley. This area full of large granite Inselburgs was made famous in the Lion King movie.

This area is home to the real life “pride rock” and is famous for its abundance of lion and leopard which can usually be seen.  The lions can be spotted on the open plains but look up into the trees for the giveaway twitching tail off the leopards. The yellow-barked acacia and sausage trees are usually their favourite haunts. Despite the habit of hiding in the branch, it’s also where they eat their kills leopards are infrequently seen, their rosette pattern being surprisingly effective camouflage against the dappled background of a tree.


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