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Serengeti Grumeti Reserve

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Serengeti Grumeti Reserve

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Those travelers looking to combine unrivalled natural beauty with pure bliss can make their dreams come true by opting for the Grumeti Reserve. The Grumeti Reserve is world renowned for having some of the best, first class accommodation options available on safari and enjoying a pristine location at the edge of the western corridor of the Serengeti.

With endless savannah plains and the Grumeti River running through the landscape like a life vein, this is a prime viewing spot for catching sight of one of the most exciting moments in the great migration. Every year millions of wildebeest and zebras pass through these plains and cross the Grumeti River on their way to sunny new pastures. As the great herds cross the perilous rushing waters of the Grumeti River, crocodiles lie in wait on the muddy banks waiting to snap a straggler for lunch. Lions and other prey stalk in the shadows of the great herds and from the Grumeti Reserve you can catch the spectacular sight of nature playing out the delicate balance of life and death.

Yet even if you don’t happen to catch sight of the great migration you can still enjoy plenty of opportunities to spot big game and close encounters with elephants, prides of lions, wildebeest, resident hippos and so much more. From herbivores to carnivores and a sky full of migrating birds; at the Grumeti Reserve you couldn’t ask for a better location to witness Mother Nature at her very best.

The Grumeti Reserve is an opulent choice when it comes to safari, with stunning accommodation and a first class seat in the driving force of nature there are plenty of activities on offer in the Grumeti. Whilst waiting to catch sight of the great migration you can enjoy a hot air balloon over the Serengeti plains, big game drives across the heart of Africa and day trips to the abundant wilderness of the beautiful Lake Victoria. You can enjoy a range of adventures across the Serengeti from horseback rides to game drives or even walking tours in some areas.

The accommodation opportunities at the Grumeti Reserve are truly fit for royalty. There are few places on safari where you can enjoy such unbridled luxury. From infinity pools that stretch on forever to Edwardian manor house style lodges. Glittering silverware, antique mahogany and Persian silk drapes only add to the royal like settings – the whole vibe surrounding the Grumeti Reserve is one of pure elegance and superior romance.

Whether you choose the decadent lodges for a fascinating gourmet experience or the seemingly simpler tented camps everything is shrouded in pure bliss. Al fresco showers with plenty of hot water make for a rare treat when the stars come out and the sounds of the wild resonate over the running water.

The Grumeti Reserve caters for those seeking an exclusive tour of Tanzania wildlife. Not everyone enjoys bedding down with mosquitos and bark and cooking over dwindling campfires. The Grumeti Reserve caters to those adventurers who still seek a piece of heaven at the end of the day. The Grumeti Reserve is all about fine dining, wining, relaxation and opulent living. Whilst not for everybody you are guaranteed a five star safari experience of a lifetime when you visit the Grumeti Reserve.

The Grumeti Reserve is a fantastic year round adventure but those hoping to catch sight of the great migration should visit between the months of October and July to catch the action. However guests should remember that the Great Migration works on nature’s clock and the timings can vary from year to year.