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Safety In Tanzania

Ensuring Safety in Tanzania
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Safety In Tanzania

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Tanzania is a dazzling country with kind hearted locals who love to welcome curious travelers and teach them the African way of life. If visiting tribes and small villages you can expect to be the center of attention and be invited to eat with the people, dance and share music. It’s a vibrant culture full of life and rife with excitement and energy. From the sprawling city streets to the tucked away villages, the safari treks and the hikes up Mount Kilimanjaro – it is vital that you stay safe and put your health before the thrill of adventure. Tanzania is a very safe country with little to worry about, just remember to apply a little common sense.

When traveling to Tanzania you should take all the normal precautions of being a stranger in a foreign country. Try to avoid carrying all your valuable possessions with you as pickpocketing can be a frequent crime. Keep your valuables back at the hotel and be subtle when carrying large amounts of cash and expensive cameras.

Travelers should apply extra precaution late at night and avoid walking through isolated areas and on empty beaches. There have been reports of passing motorists snatching bags from travelers. Always walk as far away from the road as possible or if you have to walk along the road walk against the traffic with your bag safely out of sight.

As you would in any other country be sure to avoid getting into unmarked taxis or accepting lifts from strangers. If possible speak to your hotel or guide about arranging licensed transportation and always ask for official I.D before climbing in and closing the door.

Tanzania offers visitors once in a lifetime opportunities to witness and interact with wildlife. From the big cats that roam the plains to the wild monkeys that swing in the branches – a safari is a memory that will last a lifetime. However staying safe when encountering the wild kingdom is extra important to ensure you don’t put yourself in unnecessary danger.

Travel with an accredited tour guide and stay in the car when big game are present. If you are on a walking safari then listen carefully to your guides instructions.

If you encounter an animal that seems hostile always try and back away slowly and quietly – never turn away and run as that incites an animal to chase you.

Always wear socks and boots when trekking as the bush can be full of venomous snakes.

Avoid swimming in rivers and lakes no matter how appealing the cool waters may seem. You never know when you could bump into a crocodile. Whilst hippos may seem harmless they are the most dangerous creature in the big game world. If a hippo senses danger they will simply charge and attack whatever is in their path.

When taking a hike or a trek through the breathtaking scenery of Tanzania it’s easy to get carried away with the dazzling sights. However it is important not to wander off path and to remain on established routes.

Ensure that you carry extra supplies with you when walking or trekking. Pack your bags with plenty of water, bandages, maps and medicine. You should always arrange to walk with a group or in regulated tours.

Again ensure you wear protective clothing when walking or trekking, long sleeves, long trousers and good boots are vital to keep safe from poisonous snakes and tropical insects.