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Airstrips in Tanzania

Airports & Airstrips for Tanzania safari
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Airstrips in Tanzania

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Some of the most important airports when planning your Tanzanian safari holiday

Location Region IATA Airport name
Arusha Arusha Region ARK Arusha Airport
Bukoba Kagera Region BKZ Bukoba Airport
Dar es Salaam Dar es Salaam Region DAR Julius Nyerere International Airport
Dodoma Dodoma Region DOD Dodoma Airport
Hai District Kilimanjaro Region JRO Kilimanjaro International Airport
Kilwa Masoko Lindi Region KIY Kilwa Masoko Airport
Lake Manyara Arusha Region LKY Lake Manyara Airport
Lindi Lindi Region LDI Lindi Airport
Mafia Island Pwani Region MFA Mafia Airport
Masasi Mtwara Region XMI Masasi Airport
Mbeya Mbeya Region MBI Mbeya Airport
Mbeya Mbeya Region Songwe Airport
Moshi Kilimanjaro Region QSI Moshi Airport
Mpanda Katavi Region Mpanda Airport
Mtwara Mtwara Region MYW Mtwara Airport
Musoma Mara Region MUZ Musoma Airport
Mwadui Shinyanga Region MWN Mwadui Airport
Mwanza Mwanza Region MWZ Mwanza Airport
Nachingwea Lindi Region NCH Nachingwea Airport
Nduli Iringa Region IRI Iringa Airport
Ngara Kagera Region Ngara Airport
Songea Ruvuma Region SGX Songea Airport
Tanga Tanga Region TGT Tanga Airport
Ujiji Kigoma Region TKQ Kigoma Airport

Some of the most important airstrips when planning your Tanzanian safari holiday

Location Region Airstrip name
Loliondo Arusha Region Loliondo Airstrip
Mikumi National Park Morogoro Region Kikoboga Airstrip
Mombo Tanga Region Mombo Airstrip
Morogoro Morogoro Region Morogoro Airstrip
Kilimanjaro National Park Kilimanjaro Region West Kilimanjaro Airstrip
Ruaha National Park Iringa Region Msembe Airstrip
Rubondo Island National Park Mwanza Region Rubondo Airstrip
Same Kilimanjaro Region Same Airstrip
Selous Game Reserve Pwani Region Mtemere Airstrip
Seronera Mara Region Seronera Airstrip
Singida Singida Region Singida Airstrip
Songo Songo Island Lindi Region Songo Songo Airstrip