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Rubunod Island - Unveil the secrets
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Rubunod Island More Info

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Drifting in the middle of the magnificent Lake Victoria is the tiny forest refuge of the Rubindo National Park. This is one of the smallest national parks in Tanzania and with no vehicles allowed you can enjoy a glance into the untouched depths of Africa’s island wilderness.

A strip of desert beach with pristine white sands gently licked by the blue waters of Lake Victoria is framed by a magnificent backdrop of dense green forest, here the wild palms sway in the breeze and the tamarind trees provide refuge for the doe eyed bushbucks. There is a myriad of wildlife to be found hidden in the jeweled forests of the Rubundo Island and visitors can find themselves in awe of the delicate and beautiful ecosystem populating this tiny gem. Visitors to the island are sparse, meaning those who undertake this great island adventure can be rest assured they won’t stumble into endless tourist groups and can enjoy the solitude the island is so famous for.

Yellow spotted otters splash playfully around the rocks fringing the island, fish eagles hover over the bay waiting to snatch a seafood breakfast, and bright eyed mongoose dive through the undergrowth. Vervet monkeys swing through the trees and hippos flop down in the cool shade of the papyrus swamps. Crocodiles sit like stone around the coves waiting for a chance to catch some small morsel of food between their razor sharp teeth. Giraffes can also be spotted walking through the forests on long willowy legs and often you will hear the trumpeting of an elephant resounding from the heart of the dense woodlands.

Botanists will be seduced by the rich scent of wild jasmine and bright orchids those rich sweet scent mingles with the tropical humidity. Rubundo Island National Park is a pure ecological break away from the pollution and the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Visitors can soak up the gentle sun on the soft sandy beaches and hike through the tangled forest groves o the shattering soundscape of migratory birds that flock to the isles.

The waters around the island are protected fish breeding grounds meaning that big game fishers can be in their element and cast their lines out to grab something big for supper. Tempting Tilapia and oversized, juicy Nile Perch flood these waters and often the monster at the end of your line can prove to be an astounding catch.

The Rubundo Island National Park is a welcoming place to visit year round. However those seeking to catch the great flocks of feathered birds are best stopping by during the months of December to February. At this time the skies are flooded with migrating birds all eager to build their nests in the sweet scented tree tops and find a safe place to lay their eggs. Botanical enthusiasts will be charmed in the wet season of November and March. At this time the warm rains fall and encourage brilliant blooming from the wildflowers and the stunning dance of the bright and beautiful butterflies. If you are hoping to soak up the sun and spot the wildlife then the best months to visit are during the dry season of June through until August.

The Rubundo Island National Park is the perfect escape for those who want to immerse themselves in a desert island getaway. This is one of the only National Parks that offer true remote beauty and time to indulge in the fruits of nature. Walk the sandy coves, trek through the forest trails and soak up the pure unrivalled spectacle that is the Rubundo Island National park.