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Recommended Lodges For Walking Safari in Tanzania

Recommendations for lodges that cater to walking safaris in Tanzania.

Recommended Lodges For Walking Safari in Tanzania

Recommended Lodges For Walking Safari in Tanzania

Jongomero, Ruaha

As there are no other camps in the same area of the Ruaha National Park as Jongomero, visitors can be assured that they are getting not only a trip of seclusion away from other guests, but a inimitae experience of the game in the park.

The walking safaris run by the Jongomero camp are excellent Tanzania Safaris because of the passion that those who run the camp have for the local wildlife that they manage to instil in visitors as they take them around the park. With herds of elephants, greater and lesser kudu, Grant’s  gazelles, cheetahs, leopards, lions, wild dogs, hyenas, buffalo, impalas, zebras and defassa waterbucks roaming across the park, there really is no better place to go on a walking safari to see such a wide range of game than in Ruaha National Park.

Beho Beho, Selous

With some of the most stunning views you will find in Selous, panoramic views come as standard at the Beho Beho, the guides that run the walking safaris from the Beho Beho camp are some of the best in Africa. Knowledgeable as well as passionate and friendly, you are certain to learn a lot whilst enjoying every second of the walking safari with these guides.

Though Beho Beho offers other types of safari, the walking safari offered is by far one of the best ways to see the natural world around the camp and to see for yourself why Selous is regarded as one of the best Tanzania safari destinations.

Lake Manze Tented Camp, Selous

On the shores of Lake Manze, the Lake Manze Tented Camp in Selous is only a twenty minute drive from the Siwandu airstrip and offers a rustic safari camping experience. The camp’s location borders a well-used elephant track that runs along the whole camp. Rather than offering a luxurious camping experience, the style of this camp is much more in keeping with an authentic safari experience.

Though the Lake Manze Tented Camp offers some excellent boat safaris and fishing experiences, the walking safaris that are run to explore the bush are well worth taking advantage of. You will feel like explorers trekking in search of secrets and treasures hidden in the heart of deepest darkest Africa as your guide leads you through the Doum palm and Terminalia trees to see the wide range of game that calls the Selous home.  

Greystoke, Mahale

Situated on the sandy shore of Lake Tanganyika, Greystoke offers a walking Tanzania safari experience that no other camp in any of the national parks can rival – trekking up the Mahale Mountains to see Chimpanzees. Though you might associate Gombe Stream with chimpanzees as the place with Jane Goodall did her research, there are far more to be seen in the Mahale Mountains, along with other game.

Not only is Greystoke the best place to visit on the southern and western circuits when it comes to trekking to see chimpanzees, it is arguably the best chimpanzee trek in Africa. There are also jungle tracks that you can explore on foot with the aid of a guide that will let you see some of the other game that inhabits the Mahale Mountains National Park.

Chada Camp, Katavi

Katavi is notoriously difficult and expensive to visit, but when it comes to a truly authentic experience of one of the last wilderness areas left in Africa, Katavi cannot be equalled. The Chada Camp experience is often includes a stay at the Greystoke Camp in Mahale.

With a plethora of game such as huge elephant herds and buffalo that often wander close to the spread out camp that sits under a canopy of trees, there are also leopards and lions to be seen when exploring the park. As the Chada Camp is set in a wilderness area, walking safaris are possible, it is best to ask at the time of booking about arranging one rather than waiting until you arrive at the camp and try to organise one.