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‘ When you have had your fill of the big cats why not move onto the Nyerere National Parkto see the wild dogs expending their energy across the tumbling wilderness. The sprawling landscape that makes up the Nyerere National Park is as pure as they come and literally untouched by human hands. You can see the river rushing through the plains, the soft lagoons and rippling lakes attracting wildlife from far and wide. See a hippo raise its head from the murky waters of a close by swamp, hear the snap of crocodile jaws as it closes in on its unsuspecting prey and watch the lilac breasted roller flap its glittering wings.

The wild landscape has been left to Mother Nature’s mercy and the terrain is vibrant and varied. From grassy rolling hills to dense and dark woodlands, rocky outcrops and lush vegetation bordering the banks of the famous Rufiji River, there is so much unspoilt wonder in one place.

The human absence in the Nyerere National Park allows the animals to live their lives untouched. The rare painted dogs prowl the edge of forest ravines and hunt in the vast plains of the savannah. Antelopes congregate near the banks to sip the cool waters and elephants aren’t shy about trundling through the waters. In the tree tops you can spot an array of wild birds in all colours, shape and size whereas under the ripples of the river fierce tiger fish and Vandu Catfish fight their way through the currents. The catfish is particularly unique as it is equipped with gills to help it breathe on land. When the dry sun soaks up the water the catfish can flap its way unhindered across the desert like plains in search of new springs.

As the dry season heaves sunlight and dust down on the Nyerere National Parka spectacular ancient event takes place. This is called the Ancient Elephant Migration and has been happening since before the dawn of man. More than 64,400 elephants take this epic journey between the Selous and Mozambique’s Niassa Game Reserves. Many mothers bring their babies and great family herds thunder their way across the plains. It’s a breath-taking sight to witness as thousands upon thousands of elephants make their journey in search of greener grass and cool waters to bathe in.

For a safari with a difference leave dry land behind and set out down the river on boat. From the water you can see an unrivalled side of Selous as you watch the tiger fish wriggle beneath the ripples, see the yellow eyes of a crocodile observe you from the shallows and watch the big cats laze in the shade of the riverbank trees. It’s a way of exploring the game reserve without stepping on any toes and leaving the landscape and its inhabitants in pure bliss. There is also an opportunity to participate in fly fishing activities set up around the reserve. With numerous streams, lakes and tributaries you can be sure of catching a beautiful silver fish to cook over the campfire at supper.

Sealous is a dry season park meaning you don’t have to worry about getting caught in the floods. The months of June through to October provide some of the finest viewing opportunities of big game and respite from the fierce sun. However any time of year you are bound to catch nature’ bounty in full swing at the Sealous Game Reserve.