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Ngozi Crater Lake

Discovering Ngozi Crater Lake
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Ngozi Crater Lake

ngozi crater lake
ngozi crater lake

Take a trip back in time to stand on the verge of a volcano that has seen the first steps man took to walk in its shadow. The Ngozi Crater Lake is a staggering million years old and after you push through the dense thickets of bamboo forest you can stand on the edge and witness stunning views across the Crater Lake.

The shimmering green waters of the Ngozi Crater Lake are backed by sloping emerald forests and lush vegetation. Natural waterfalls tumble from the crater rim and into deep and dark plunge pools beneath. Visitors can also trek across the nearby, naturally formed Kiwira Bridge, known locally as the Bridge of God. The air is scented with the sweet taste of wild bananas and the drifting dense leaves of the Rungwe Tea plantations close by.

Amidst the highland towering trees and endless bouquets of beautiful, bright flowers of the Ngozi Crater Lake, the place is shrouded in a thin veil of mysticism. This is said to be the place where the Rain God lives alongside a thick bellied monstrous serpent with magical powers. As the sun slants through the swirling fog of clouds and fast moving mists it is easy to be swept away with these traditional tales and magical stories.

Pushing through the tropical forest you can catch sight of many small mammals and flocking birds that call down from the thick roofs of the tree tops. It is not rare to see the tails of black and white colobus monkeys swinging through the branches and chatter down at you as you step over the large roots and palms. Bright and bawdy tree frogs glug noises at you as they rest on the cool leaves to escape the rising heat of the midday sun.

Getting to the Ngozi Crater Lake is no easy feat, vehicles cannot pass through the dense forests and rich canopies, and the only way to access the glory of the ancient lake is to take the adventure on foot. This is a wonderful way of exploring the surrounding area and allows you to touch and breathe nature as our ancestors once did under the shadow of this very volcano. The hike up to the rim of the Ngozi Crater Lake can be challenging as the ascent is steep and often the dry dirt and sand it loose. However the challenging aspect only makes reaching the top more rewarding when you finally touch ground on the stunning rim. Swimming in the lake is discouraged as it is said that poison gases emit from the waters, making this place one of great geological interest and mystery.

Those visitors wishing to watch the sun sink like a stone behind the ancient volcano can choose to indulge in a spot of wild camping on the crater. The stars that glisten over the crater are a truly beautiful sight and the moonlight slices across the calm waters of the Ngozi Crater Lake making the myths come alive until morning. Waking up to the sight of the shimmering green waters is another rare luxury that will linger in your memory. The camping facilities are basic at best but the views are simply outstanding and provide some picture postcard opportunities.

For an overnight stay in a world that seems to sit on the verge of heaven or in the pages of some ancient mythology book you should be sure to stop by the Ngozi Crater Rim. This is one for those travelers who keep the spirit of adventure alive in their hearts.