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Lulanda forest reserve

Exploring Lulanda Forest Reserve
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Lulanda forest reserve

Udzungwa Mountains Safaris
Udzungwa Mountains Safaris

The remote location of the Lulanda Village Forest Reserve is an African experience unlike any other. If you want to catch a glimpse of the real side of Africa and thoroughly immerse yourself in the bright and beautiful culture, then be sure to stop at Lulanda.

Seemingly a world away from the big game drives and fancy hotels, the beautiful and ecological Lulanda Village Forest Reserve is a must see. Amidst the tea plantations you can trek through the serene calm of this old community owned forest and soak up the bird song drifting down from the canopied roof of the tree tops. Birds flock here in abundance and as you cross the babbling brooks you can see silvery fish slipping through the clear streams.

In the Lulanda Forest Reserve you can experience the forest and wildlife exactly as Mother Nature intended it to be, in the heart of the Udzungwas – this small spot is seemingly off the radar allowing for limited tourist facilities and a true glimpse into the village way of life. Mountain mist mingles with sunlight and covers the forest canopy, tea plantations permeate the air with their warm spicy scent and the remote village welcomes weary travelers with a smile.

The Lulanda Village is a welcoming experience and a wonderful chance to discover a cultural exchange with the locals. The local tribe is the WaHehe who are working hard to promote forest conservation in the area and welcome tourism in their small remote village. You can participate in local activities along the nature trails, watch how local honey is produced and enjoy a culinary adventure and singing and dancing with the villagers.

Close by you can discover the Iringa region with its historical heritage, sand carved pillars and Stone Age sites littering the area. This place really offers a step back in time and is a great escape from the modern day world and chance to get back to our nomadic roots.

Accommodation in this remote rooftop of the world is limited to camping within the village or in a traditional style African house. Although the campsite offers basic amenities the quiet and the stunning panoramic views more than make up for the lack of luxury. This is a great chance to embrace the simpler side of life with some home cooking, adventure camping and wonderful hospitality from the indigenous people.

With so few visitors taking the chance to stop in Lulanda Village Forest Reserve you can really make the difference to the local people and the surrounding environment. Rather than pumping money into large chain hotels you can feed the locals and encourage cultural interactions that could have a daily impact on both your own experience and the experience of the WaHehe tribe.

This is the perfect place with a glorious pace of life for those hardy travelers who truly want to get off the beaten track and discover a side of Africa away from the tourist havens. This is the place to peel back the layers and see straight into the very heart of Tanzania. As the Lulanda Village Forest reserve is en route to the Ruaha National park, it is a great little spot to stop on route. However because of the remoteness of the village it is best to plan at least a two night stay at Lulanda to truly experience the life of the locals and enjoy the stunning nature trails thought the eastern arc of the forest.