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Lodge of The month May 2024- Gibb’s Farm

Lodge of The month May 2024- Gibb's Farm

Lodge of The month May 2024- Gibb’s Farm

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gibbs farm

Gibbs Farm

Built by German immigrants in 1929, Gibb Farm is one of the oldest lodges in Northern Tanzania. Between Lake Manyara and the Ngorongoro, it is surrounded by lush gardens and has a wonderful view of the coffee farms below.

Upon arrival, guests were taken from the reception area, into the garden, The outdoor area of ​​Gibb Farm is spacious. Many specially planted areas and gardens have been planted including grass, a cactus garden, a lawn, a medicinal plant garden and a large vegetable garden. This has resulted in a huge insect and birdlife.

There are stone steps leading from the main house between the gardens and the 21 houses. Although the rooms are very close to each other, the planting is kept in good condition so ensures privacy. The rooms are perfect and are beautifully decorated with high-end amenities. They are used to show the history of agriculture.

Each room features a bouquet of freshly selected flowers, comfortable chairs in front of the fireplace, and two queen beds. The private balcony has French-style windows, with views over the gardens or woodland.

The Gibb Farm is an excellent location for participating in a variety of activities and people can easily stay here for a few days and not get bored. We love this place and try and add to our itineraries whenever we can .