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Lodge of The month Nov 2022- Arusha Coffee Lodge

Lodge of The month Nov 2022- Arusha Coffee Lodge

Lodge of The month Nov 2022- Arusha Coffee Lodge

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arusha coffee lodge

Arusha Coffee Lodge

Arusha Coffee Lodge can be found in the foothills of Mt Meru on the outskirts of the busy and and picturesque, Arusha – the caoital of Safari Country.

The lodge is hidden among one of Tanzania’s largest coffee plantations, offering the perfect place to relax before or after any Tanzania Safari.

Containing 30 plantation houses that extend into the evergreen coffee plantation, Arusha Coffee Lodge is designed around the original owner’s house dating back to the early 1900s.

The theme of coffee spreads throughout the entire Arusha coffee, reflected in the colors and texture of the delightful comfortable rooms with beautiful bathrooms.

The lodge’s domestic feel is relentless, as the origins of the farm still reflect ideas from the past. The polite and friendly staff help to create an environment that respects all who visit and stay.

Inside the main plantation house is an a la carte restaurant, a compact bistro café and a comfortable lounge, all with a comfortable wood fireplace to keep you warm in the cool night air.

With an indoor and intimate pool, a popular garden terrace and acres of lush coffee plantations, Arusha Coffee Lodge always encourages exploration and discovery.

From diligent coffee makers gathering at dawn, to the aroma of the morning brew at breakfast, Arusha’s coffeehouse is filled with sensory experiences that rejuvenate body and soul for the events and the excitement ahead. .