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Lake Nyasa

Exploring the Wonders of Lake Nyasa
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Lake Nyasa

Lake Nyasa
Lake Nyasa

There’s no doubt that this magical spot on earth called Lake Tanganyika deserves to be emblazoned on the pages of the National Geographic. With soft shimmering shores, incredible natural rock formations, and deep warm waters there is no wonder travelers fall in love with the magnificent Lake Tanganyika.

Between the flaming sunrise and the glorious sunset over the Congo, there is so much to do on the shores of Lake Tanganyika that visitors will be spoilt for choice. From bathing on the golden stretch of sands to diving down to the bottom of the lake made up of colorful broken shells every day is like a dream come true in this place. For those who don’t feel like relaxing in the heart of Africa there are plenty of adventure sports to get your blood pumping. Kayaking, quad riding and mountain biking are all popular activities in the area and allow you to immerse yourself in the natural settings in a unique, fun and inventive manner.

The lake dates back millions of years ago and there can be no doubt that what lies beneath the shimmering waters is older than man. This expansive history may be what makes Lake Tanganyika feel like the land of the lost. Aside from holding an undiscovered world beneath the waters the lake is also home to a populous amount of fish. The beautiful waters boast no less than 250 species of colorful tropical aquarium style fish and swimming amongst them can be an overwhelming experience.

Yet it is not only bright scaled fish that grace the shores of Lake Tanganyika, you can often see otters splashing in the warm waters, speckled eels darting through the depths and burrowing clams digging their way into the safety of the soft clay like sand. Perhaps the most unusual creature to be found drifting in the depths of the shimmering blue lake is the Lake Tanganyika jellyfish. These translucent floating ghosts are a rare sight to behold as many of their relatives can only be found in the salty expanse of the ocean. Swimmers need not fret as the jellyfish are completely harmless and swimming alongside one of these disc like creatures makes for a fascinating adventure.

The hot and humid temperatures that cling to the sandy shores of Lake Tanganyika is what makes the cleanliness and freshness of the waters even more inviting. Yet close by the mountain range that provides the magnificent backdrop allows further opportunities to escape the clammy heat and explore the rainforests. It is in these Mahale Mountains forests that our closest ancestor – the chimpanzee can be found in their natural habitat. Yet it is not only chimpanzees that make their home in these dark and dense shaded forests but baboons, wild birds and large reptiles also carve their natural dwellings into the Mahale Mountains.

There are plenty of choices for accommodation in the magnificent setting of Lake Tanganyika. Most visitors choose to stop by and stay at the lakeside town of Kigoma. Here you can find plenty of different accommodations to use as a base for exploring the beauty of the surrounding area, the Gombe Stream National Park, the Mahale Mountains and of course the great lake itself. Lupita Island also provides accommodation for tourists wishing to get away from it all.

This little gem is considered one of Tanzania’s best kept hidden secrets and is the perfect place to go whether you are hoping for an active filled adventure, a sweet lake side holiday or a comfortable setting inly a stone’s throw away from some of the most beautiful sights Tanzania has to offer.