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Lake Natron - Discover the beauty
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Lake Natron More Info


Between the highlands and the long dusty plains of the Serengeti you can find the remote and beautiful Lake Natron. The waters of Lake Natron are known to be the most alkaline in the world and every year thousands upon thousands of flamingos flock to these shores and turn the landscape pink with their plumed rose colored feathers.

Rising up in the background against the clear blue sky and the soft alkaline waters is the Mountain of God, which is known to be Africa’s only remaining active volcano. As if taking its cue from the ash and molten lava that sits in the base of the volcano, the landscape around Lake Natron is dry and desolate but remains almost virginal and startling in its beauty.

This is not the place to come in order to catch sight and snap pictures of big game safari; this is a place to visit if you want to admire the haunting natural beauty of Lake Natron. Close by visitors can swim in the cold and deep plunge pools that sit at the bottom of tumbling waterfalls. There is also the opportunity to soak in the hot springs and soothe aching muscles after a hard hike up the Mountain of God.

Climbing the volcano is a popular activity for those who don’t have the fear of god in their hearts. The hikes usually start around midnight and the climb can be almost eerie with nothing but the endless plains and the stars for company. It’s a highly challenging climb but once you reach the steaming crown of the Volcano you are greeted with spectacular views of the sunrise. However this is not a walk you should take without seriously considering the side effects as there are dangers involved.

The waterfalls are a more popular and enjoyable walk as visitors can cross spray soaked palms and rock cropped plunge pools. It is the perfect way to spend an afternoon, with a picnic in tow and a swimming costume to quench your skin and find respite from the midday heat.

Bird lovers will be in awe of the numerous flamingos that flood these shores. The water turns red with rich colored algae and the lesser flamingos swoop in to feed on the colorful food. Occasionally a giraffe may pass across the landscape or a zebra may dart past but wildlife doesn’t thrive in this highly hostile environment. The dry and dusty weather, the high level of ammonia in the lake and the smoking threat of the active volcano means that predators steer clear of these harsh lands and the flamingos can return year after year to find safety and sanctuary in Lake Natron.

This is a rarely visited place and guests can enjoy the wild and undiscovered dry heart of Africa. Accommodation in Lake Natron consists of a tented camp with a truly unique rustic and charming vibe. Hand carved wooden sinks, a natural swimming pool, shaded garden and fully stocked bar can make your stay here a moment of true bliss. Whilst some of the camps may be simple, the location is stunning and you can spend days on end simply staring at the ash colored landscape, the rising spire of the volcano and the salty lake.

Nature may have dealt the locals and the wildlife a hard hand here at the Lake Natron but stopping by makes for a very interesting look at how the strong survive despite harsh conditions. The landscape is truly inspiring and there is a rare beauty and desolation here that is becoming increasingly difficult to find on this planet.