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Lake Manze

Adventure Awaits at Lake Manze
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Lake Manze

lake manze
lake manze

Lake Manze is a rustic safari experience that pays homage to the simply beauty of nature. This isn’t to say you get a basic, no frills experience as the natural wonder of the landscape, the closeness with the big game animals and the quaint charm makes this an extra special African adventure.

Whilst more luxurious safaris are popular with the crowds who wwant to take long hot showers and plug in at the end of the day, Lake Manze offers and experience that allows spirited travelers to get back to nature without the fuss of the modern world. Everything surrounding Lake Manze is all about Eco Living and making the most out of the glorious green and blue earth.

The surrounding area of Lake Manze has so much to give; the big game drives and accommodation allow you get up close and personal with the animals. You can practically hear the sleeping lions breathe under the dry shade of an acacia tree, camps of elephants tear chunks from the doum palms and hyenas stalk in packs across the dusty roads.

Those guests wishing to soothe their souls can skip the luxury of a hot shower for the dreamy experience of sinking in the local Maji Moto hot springs. Crystal clear steaming waters, trickling waterfalls, rocky outcrops and lush vegetation provide the perfect bathing environment. These hot springs are naturally formed in three different pools and levels enabling guests to choose how warm they want their waters. Float in the lightly smoking waters under the big sky of Africa with the cries of the wilderness close by – no shower could ever match this once in a lifetime experience!

Lake Manze also offers visitors the chance to take a trip across the glassy waters on an open top boat safari. This is a unique way to escape the land mammals and see the wildlife in and around this large expanse of water in the Selous Game Reserve. Monstrous sized crocodiles bask in the warm glow of the midday sun, hippos flop in the shallows with wide mouthed yawns and beautiful and bright birds swoop and sing along the shores and the towering tree tops.

Those who wish to snap themselves supper can opt to fish on the great Lake Manze. Under the soft, sparkling waters the bed is teeming with whiskered cat fish and striped tiger fish. The catfish in this area are known to grow to a staggering size and catching one of these underwater monsters is a sport in itself. Nothing beats watching the sky turn from black to purple and seeing the planets align in the first glow of morning as you putter out on the silky smooth surface of the lake for a spot of morning fishing.

Accommodation around Lake Manze puts an emphasis on being simple and beautiful. Easygoing tented camps are erected and serve as the perfect base to sleep and eat with only a thin shroud between you and the great expanse of Africa’s wilderness. Whilst many of these tented camps do offer flush toilets and sweet little verandahs there is a lesser element of luxury then you would find in the larger lodges and opulent luxury tented camps.

This is certainly a spot for those who want to experience Africa through the eyes of old time safari goers and writers like Hemingway. It’s a traditional take on the safari experience with an emphasis on the great outdoors rather than cocktails beside the pool. In the heart of Lake Manze there will be no doubt left in your mind that you are in the wild and ancient continent of Africa.