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Kitulo Plateau More Info

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Take a trip into the true Garden of Eden with a visit to the Kitulo National Park. Known locally as gods garden the abundance of natural fauna and flora will take your breath away from the second you catch sight of this stunning national park. Misty woodlands lead the way through bursting colors as the rare and exotic plant species spill their pollen onto the earth. Blooming orchards peel back their petals, giant lobelias burst from the ground and the abundant daisies permeate the air with a rich sweetness.

Elands and reedbuck roam the pleasant grasslands and the forest air is a cool and welcoming retreat from the fiery African sun. Hikers and botanical lovers will feel as though they have entered paradise as they explore the gently sloping hills and immerse themselves in the spectacular sights of nature.

Whilst big game is not on offer at the Kitulo National Park this place is known as the Serengeti of flowers and offers a unique perspective on the changing face of Africa’s wild and abundant natural settings. Here you can roam without fear of unexpectedly coming across big game which provides a calming freedom o truly explore the landscape without being hindered along the way.

The Kitulo National Park is also a bird lover’s heavenly kingdom on earth. Here you will find an amazing array of birds flocking to feast on the golden nectar of the flowers. Amongst the many species of bird you can spot vibrant blue swallows, the lesser kestrel and the Kipengere seedeater. On the ground you can watch lizards scuttling across the mossy paths, chameleons soaking into the landscape and frogs hopping along in search of a stream. Bright and bold colored butterflies beat their wings as they travel from petal to petal and the chirping sounds of the woodland rises in an astonishing crescendo.

One of the best times to catch the spectacular sight of thousands of blooming flowers is during the months of November to April. At this time the misty warm rains begin to fall and encourage the tight knit buds to bloom under the weight of raindrops. The end result is one of true beauty and unrivalled glory and is known as ‘one of the great floral spectacles of the world’. Between the months of June and August the forests can be damp, misty and cold so usually visitors tend to avoid stopping by the Kitulo National Park at this time. Another popular time to visit is when the African sun is high in the sky during the months of September to November however is you are in venturing to the Kitulo National park to glimpse the glorious botany then these months can prove a disappointment.

One of the more popular hiking trails that leads out from the Kitulo National Park is the half day hike across the Livingstone Mountains which finishes at the glorious and inviting Matema Beach. The beach is settled on the warm shores of Lake Nyasa. With the mountains serving as a shady backdrop, this magnificent lake is the perfect place to swim and snorkel or row out on an old wooden canoe. Tumbling waterfalls adorn the clear waters of the rock pools and you can spend an afternoon wiling away the hours with a delicious picnic on the shores.

Whilst the park itself doesn’t offer an abundance of accommodation options the town of Mbeya 60 miles away is set up to receive guests with accommodation ranging from the simple, no frills guesthouse to the luxury hotel suite.