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Africa, where the world began and now in the 21st century you can still discover the largely untouched landscape teeming with wildlife and some of Mother Nature’s greatest events. The Serengeti National Park stretches out beneath the big sky of Tanzania, from wide open plains to deep gorges and rushing rivers, the rich palette of the savannah this is an experience that will linger in your memory forever.

As you ride the safari down dusty makeshift roads where the elephants graze and the big cats yawn in the shade of the long grass you understand why the Massai named this place the endless plain. Watch the big five thrive in their natural habitat, catch a glimpse of a giraffe teetering above a tree, hear the cry of the laughing hyena and witness the powerful stride of a lioness hunting her prey.

No other place on this majestic Earth comes close to showcasing such an abundance of wildlife than the Serengeti. All creatures great and small gather side by side to live out their lives hunting, sleeping, mating and frolicking beneath the shade of the great sun. You can witness first-hand the race for survival as a leopard bolts across the plains and takes down a zebra with claws and teeth. See a baby antelope stagger to its feet for the very first time and the Olive baboon scratch it’s behind as it lets out a mating call. The balance of life and death has never been quite as delicate as in the great plains of the Serengeti.

Imagine sitting beside the fire beneath a canopy of stars and listening to the call of the wild as you roast cashews. Staying in the Serengeti is an experience of true wonder. Wake up to an early dawn call from the Black and White Colobus monkey, taste the fresh roast of African coffee and munch on some tiny sweet bananas before setting out on the road again. There are plenty of campsites, lodges and resorts to unwind in after a long day sightseeing on the plains. Accommodation in the Serengeti caters for all tastes from those who want to slip unnoticed back into nature to travelers who want to kick back on a soft bed and laze on a beautiful verandah.

For those who want to witness the great migration the best time to visit the Serengeti National Park is between October and July. However travelers should remember that nature doesn’t always work on our clock and the migration is a fluid affair that can change dependent upon the rainfall.