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Tanzania Cuisine

The cuisine of tanzania can be divided into the food off the coast and the rest of Tanzania. With the Lake Victoria region being a specialist cuisine region.

Coastal food reflects the radical mix of indigenous Africans and hundreds of years of Arabic, Asian and ultimately Swahili cooking traditions. Like a stew of food that has been simmering for a long time before the herbs and spices are added.

The staple food of the interior are cereals and in Lake Victoria it is bananas (plantains) all of which are ubiquitous and nourishing. Maze is perhaps the most readily available cereal; either roasted over charcoal or in the home restaurant.

The main food is made with Corn Flour and is called Ugali maize. The corn which is turned into flour by being pounded.

The flour is then slowly cooked with water and becomes a grey porridge. This is then served with a stew of meat or vegetables. The right-hand picks a ball of ugali which is molded into a small bowl to scoop up gravy and is eaten in one mouthful.

Among many of the tribes especially the maasai much meat, blood and milk is also consumed. Animals are only slaughtered for a celebration however.

Tanzania as many  lakes and rivers not to mention the 500 mile coastline so fish and seafood are popular.  Fish dishes made of nile perch from lake Victoria are very common.

The Swahili Coast and islands cannot be beaten for fish and seafood snapper, kingfish, crayfish, prawn, lobster, oysters and more. One of tanzania’s most popular dishes is octopus stew.