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Freshwater Fishing In Tanzania

Freshwater Fishing In Tanzania - find out how to combine with your Tanzanian holiday.
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Freshwater Fishing In Tanzania


Fishing is the mainstay of the economy in many rural areas of Tanzania and is fast growing as a popular tourist activity along the country’s rivers and lakes. Although not allowed in national parks,  fishing in remote areas is a good and peaceful way to experience the beauty of the African landscape and to enjoy the countryside at a perfect pace.

Private companies, tourists and guesthouses offer planned day trips to nearby lakes and rivers, and long fishing trips around the area. They offer expert preparation. fishing days and showing you the best places to start.

Tanzania’s freshwater lakes provide fishing opportunities for tourists who are ready to get out of the open road. Fishing trips are planned from the surrounding villages, as well as ports from Mwanza and Musoma, where boatmen will happily accompany you on their daily voyages to catch hundreds of fish.

Jumping along the rivers and streams of Tanzania is another great experience for athletes who want to see the most remote parts of the country. During the rainy season, rivers and streams are flooded with fish and river life, and voting after short and long waters is a great time to plan a fishing trip. Most of the adventure travel companies cater to international fishermen looking for the best fishing in East Africa.