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Camping Safari In Tanzania

Embarking on a Camping Safari in Tanzania
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Camping Safari In Tanzania

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Camping in the parks is a wonderful experience and strongly recommended. It is completely different from sleeping in a lodge where the walls and windows isolate you from the surrounding wildlife.

The stars, the campfire, the sounds of the animals at night just beyond the tent provide some of the strongest sensations and memories of a safari. The animals can come very close it is the real thing.

In the Maasai lands armed rangers ensure the security of the camp, protect from animal encroachments and accompany guests on walking safaris through the area. In the parks of the North (except for the Ngorongoro Conservation Area) it is not allowed to move around on foot and rangers patrol the park and ensure security. At all times your driver/guide is responsible for your well-being and is there to look after your comfort and safety.

There are enormous differences in the levels of quality from basic camping on a public camp site outside of the park borders in a simple dome tent without shower and private toilet to the ultimate private tented camp with mess tents, waiters, cooks and a full support team.

Be aware also that if you want to combine a tented safari with lodges, there is a shortage of accommodation in the parks and you normally have to book up very early. We offer two levels of camping safari: