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Best Beach Lodges in Zanzibar

Best Beach Lodges in Zanzibar
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Best Beach Lodges in Zanzibar

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Best Beach Lodges in Zanzibar

The white sands of Zanzibar are famous throughout the world and given the long stretches of white sand, it makes Zanzibar an ideal destination for those in search of the best beach holiday. With coral reefs surrounding the island, it offers a very different Tanzania Safari experience as well, exploring the delights of the Indian Ocean and wide variety of marine life that Tanzania has on offer.

There is a wide range of accommodation available along the beaches of Zanzibar, with each different resort offering something to tempt travellers to visit, no matter what their budget.

Shooting Star

One of the most trusted names in accommodation; the Shooting Star is the oldest beach lodge that can be found on Zanzibar and for a long time was one of the few places that could boast the title of a “Zanzibar trusted product”. Though the facilities are slightly dated now, the prices are much more affordable than the more modern beach lodges.

Not only do you access to the white sandy beaches of Zanzibar with the Shooting Star but also diving and snorkelling tuition, two suites with private pools and a public infinity pool for all guests to use. The Shooting Star overlooks the Kiwengwa beach that you can walk barefoot across or simply sit on the veranda and stare out across it whilst the sun sets.


Built right on the sands, the Mchanga beach resort offers the feeling of seculsion that can’t be replicated by the other lodges and resorts on the island. Set away from the other beach holiday destinations, there is a feeling of serenity in Mchanga that comes from the enclave design of the resort.

Situated between the villages of Matemwe and Pwani Mchangani, nature surrounds and envelops this resort making it an ideal place for those who are looking for beach holiday on Zanzibar with a real island feel. For those that are looking to enjoy a Tanzania Safari coupled with the beauty of the beaches, you will not be disappointed with the actitivties offered by Mchanga. You can swim with the dolphins, hire boats to journey out into the ocean so that you can snorkel and dive and there are even horseback riding trips that take you into the heart of the natural beauty of Zanzibar around the resort.

Matemwe Bungalows/Matemwe Lodge

The Matemwe Bungalows, now known as the Matemwe Lodge is a small section of paradise that offers an exclusive beach holiday experience in Zanzibar. Found perched atop an outcrop that overlooks the shallow waters of the coral -fringed lagoon below, the rhythm of your beach getaway will be governed by the tides rather than time.

The fishermen of Matemwe can be seen working their nets at high tide in their billowing dhows and after filling their nets, the fishermen make a daily visit to the Matemwe Lodge to sell fresh crab, fish and even lobster that is served as part of the delicious menu offered at lunch and dinner by the lodge. When the tide is out, the lagoon reveals the beautiful hidden coral reef that you can take to exploring on foot as the water is too shallow to swim in.

The long stretch of white sand that makes the Matemwe Lodge an ideal destination for a beach holiday in Zanzibar is absent the mark of tourism and is still very much key to the economy of the local fishing village.

What makes Matemwe an excellent choice for a beach holiday in Zanzibar is the way in which the gardens of the resort melt away to reveal the pristine white sands of the beach and the stunning coral reef that is not too far from the shore.

Breezes Beach Club

Found on one of the top thirty beaches in the world, on the South Eastern coast of Zanzibar, the Breezes Beach Club is another exquiste example of the high quality beach holidays that can be enjoyed on the island.

With a measure of privacy, clear waters and unmarred white sands, you can choose to enjoy hours lounging in the warmth of the sun or choose to take part in some of the many different water sports and other activities that are offered by the beach club. With different activities offered at high and low tide, you are certain to find something to enjoy, whether it is exploring the coral reef, diving, biking around the local area, taking part in frisbee or water volleyball or you want to try your hand at windsurfing or sailing, this is a Zanzibar beach holiday that can be as relaxed or active as you please.

Mnemba Island Lodge

By far and away the most expensive place to stay when it comes to a Zanzibar beach holiday, it is understandable when you discover that Mnemba has been named as one of the best beaches in the world and certainly the best beach in Africa.

This beach is one of the few places in Zanzibar that you can visit and snorkel straight off the beach onto the stunning and virtual unspoilt coral reef, with a professional dive school run by the lodge for those who have never been snorkelling or diving before or want to brush up.

With exclusivity that is offered by being on an island all its own, the Mnemba Island Lodge isn’t just one of the best beach holidays in Zanzibar, but rates in the top beach resort destinations around the world.