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What airport for Tanzania Safari

Booking flights for Tanzania Safari & booking flights to Zanzibar -what airport for tanzania safari

Flying to Tanzania


There are 3 main international airports at the 3 tourist gateways to Tanzania.

For Tanzania safaris in the northern circuit there is Kilimanjaro International Airport also known as KIA, with the IATA code JRO. The airport is served daily by KLM and Ethiopian Airlines. Other providers are Turkish Airlines, Swiss and Qatar Airways. The subsidiary of Lufthansa, Condor, offers a direct flight every week, landing at Kilimanjaro Airport on Wednesday morning.

There is also the option of flying to Kenya (Nairobi Intl. Airport) and from there you can either continue by domestic flight or by bus to Arusha. This is a good money saving tip!

For Tanzania safaris in the southern circuit there is Julius Nyerere International Airport also known as Dar airport, with the IATA code DAR.

For Tanzania safaris in the western circuit you can feasibly use either Dar or Kilimanjaro.


The third international airport is on the island of Zanzibar and is the Abeid Amani Karume International Airport also known as Zanzibar airport. The airport takes in chartered flights from Prague, Warsaw, Rome, Brussels, Frankfurt, Doha, Muscat, Tel Aviv, Johannesburg and other international flights with the likes of KLM, Condor, and Oman Air.

Dar Es Salaam Airport is also the gateway to the Swahili Coast and can also be a cheaper option when combined with the ferry or a local flight to reach Zanzibar.

If you are planning a North Safari / Kilimanjaro ascent followed by a beach holiday, we recommend you to book a jaw flight. You’ll land at Kilimanjaro Airport (45 minutes’ drive from Arusha) and fly back home from either Dar es Salaam or Zanzibar. Of course, this approach can be reversed.


There are over 100 small airstrips and airports throughout Tanzania, many of these have scheduled flights from some of the smaller Tanzanian airlines and the remainder can be reached by charter flights.

The National Parks of Tanzania all have airstrips which mean for those with time constraints you will have no problem in flying in to the parks.

Charter airlines are a good option: Prices are manageable if you can get a group together large enough to fill the plane (usually three- or five-seaters). Please note the luggage limit on these aircrafts is 15 kg (33 lb), packed in soft bags.


Flying safaris Tanzania not only saves a considerable amount of time, but provides travellers with the added benefit of viewing some of the most spectacular regions of Tanzania from a totally different perspective.

Driving times between National Parks are often between 4 – 6 hours and some are even longer, due to a combination of police stops, bad roads and long distances. By flying between National Parks you do miss this glimpse of normal Tanzanian life but save considerable time.

Tanzanian fly in safaris are not cheap and we recommend if you are looking for this kind of safari to look for a lodge group which offer flights, accommodation and safari activity packages – these companies with their own planes often offer cheap flights to make sure the lodges are full.

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Which airport for Tanzania safari?

Tanzania Safari to northern circuit use Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO)

Tanzania Safari to southern circuit use Dar Es Salaam International Airport (DAR)

Tanzania Safari to Zanzibar use Zanzibar International Airport (ZNZ)

If you are flying from the Northern Circuit National Parks of Tanzania – check the local airport Arusha – ARU for cheaper flights to Zanzibar


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