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Private Or Shared Safari? - My Tanzania
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Private Or Shared Safari?

What type of Tanzania safari will work for you...just yourself in the vehicle

 Private or group Tanzania safari?

 A Private Tanzania Safari means that you alone hire the safari vehicle and the safari guide. You usually get to decide, where to go, what time, and extra. You make all the choices with some recommendations from your tour operator and daily with your safari guide.

A Group Safari or a Shared Tanzania Safari is where you are part of a group of people who are booked on the same Tanzania safari itinerary. It means you have less control over safari. Group safaris are a good opportunity to meet like-minded people and make friends.

Sure, private tours are more expensive, but what you receive is a different level of customization, intimacy, and privacy. Our expert guides know every nook and cranny of Tanzania, and yet it is ultimately you who gets to decide where to do and what to see.

More extroverted and budget-conscious? Small groups can be a fantastic option. Less concerned about money and more concerned about privacy and itinerary control? Private tours might be for you. Either way, contact us today and let us find the right fit for you. Tanzania is waiting.

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Full of useful information about planning your Tanzania Safari

Our Favourite Tanzanian Destinations

Magical Selous

A remote National Park in southern Tanzania, perfect for those wanting to avoid the crowds. Walking and Boat Safaris just add to the charm.

Ngorongoro Crater Safari

The 8th wonder of the world – – a must see for any Tanzanian visitor! Wake up and see the wonders below.

Serengeti Safari

The home to the Great Wildebeest Migration and the lion King… what a Tanzanian Safari is all about

Scuba Diving Zanzibar

Discover the underwater world in this island paradise, easily combined with beach time and relaxation.

Historic Kilwa

A remote historic site -perfectly preserved palaces and ruins make you feel like a modern day Indiana Jones….it also helps there are beautiful beaches also.

Chimpanzee Paradise

Gombe and Mahale offer the chance to see Chimpanzees in their natural habitat – a once in a lifetime experience.

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