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How to pack for tanzania safari

What To Wear On A Tanzanian Safari.. a full Tanzania safari packing list how to pack for tanzania safari

How to pack for tanzania safari

There are certain quintessential elements of a Tanzania safari without which you wouldn’t have a fulfilling experience. As you plan your Tanzania safari, pack your bag and yourself with the following.

The first thing that you have to take on a Tanzania safari is not an object or a piece of gear. It is a sense of adventure. You need not be an adventurer but you need to have the penchant to go on an adventure. A safari isn’t the same as visiting a zoo. Very few animals would be waiting for you. Most animals, especially the big five, will make you wait. There is an element of uncertainty on any Tanzania safari and that is what makes it all the more special. You need to keep your eyes and ears open and you should always be proactive in spotting everything around you. You may not see anything or nothing might happen for an hour or two and then suddenly you may spot a giraffe, taller than one you have ever seen, you might come across a herd of a thousand buffalos or you may just spot a glimpse of the African lion trying to attack one of the lesser mortals. 

Have a digital camera with you at all times. You may take a DSLR or the less expensive ones. It should have video recording. You can have a video camera in addition to the digital camera. You should not rely on the camera of your phone. You should also carry multiple memory cards if you think you would go on a clicking spree. In most cases, a 16 GB or 32 GB memory card would be good enough but if you are an avid or a passionate photographer, then you should have two or three of those. But don’t keep capturing images or shooting videos instead of actually experiencing yourself being there, in the midst of things.

You should have an animal spotting guide with you. Unless you are a wildlife expert, you wouldn’t know every animal by name and you will come across some animals that you may have never seen. The animal spotting guide will help you with immediate info and you can have more informed fun on a Tanzania safari.

You should always have some light clothes and some jackets along with the usual gear for the safari. It can get quite hot during the day and quite cool during the night. You would need clothes for such varied temperatures.

Some of the other things you should have on you are hats or caps, medications (which your doctor and tour guide will be able to recommend), food and water, binoculars, hiking boots, insect repellent, sunscreen, portable lamps or torches and batteries.


What To Wear On A Tanzania Safari?

  • The weather in East Africa is tropical however in the mountains at night the temperatures can drop dramatically, sometimes below freezing, so you must allow for cold conditions.
  • Modesty rates highly in most African countries especially for women, so please ensure all clothes are loose fitting and not revealing, this is especially true if you plan to include a trip to Zanzibar. (beachwear on the beach is fine)

  • Unless you are visiting Tanzania for a special event; then formal clothing is not necessary, and can even be burdensome while in Tanzania.

  • What to wear -avoid bright colored clothing as well as white and dark colors, and instead bring neutral coloured clothing, such as khaki, the traditional safari colours. Bright colors can be seen by animals on safari and also attract insects.

  • Make sure you have long trousers and long sleeved shirts for the evenings when mosquitoes are common.

  • Download our packing list below for a full guide on What To Wear On A Tanzania Safari?


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