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Scuba Diving in Tanzania & Zanzibar

Scuba Diving

Explore The Immersive Underwater world With Scuba Diving In Zanzibar

Many consider a Zanzibar holiday incomplete without scuba diving. When you have white silky-sandy beaches, azure blue waters and a clear view underwater, then there is a lot to do on the beaches and underwater. You can always laze around, sunbathe, sip some coconut water or your favorite cocktail and read a book, but you should also be underwater, exploring the reefs, corals, marine life and the shallow oceanic features on your Zanzibar holiday.

There are many reasons why scuba diving is so popular and integral to any Zanzibar holiday. First, there are multiple high class dive sites all within a short distance to your beach hotel. Unlike some other destinations in Africa or even in Europe and America, there is no unsafe zone in Zanzibar.

There are two regions for scuba diving in Tanzania; the islands and the Swahili Coast. The islands are the most popular and this is further subdivided into the archipelago of Zanzibar which is the most popular and includes the island of Zanzibar and Pemba. The better diving in our opinion is on Mafia Island further south of Zanzibar.


Snorkelling On The Swahili Coast

All beach lodges on the Swahili Coast offer boat trips and snorkelling. Local fishermen are happy to take guests out in their dhow boats, which have ploughed the Indian Ocean for 1,000 years. Learn how to sail these wooden vessels, then relax with a rod and tackle. For those after large game fish, full day deep sea fishing trips.

Whilst on a dhow trip you may want to snorkel on one of the numerous coral reefs. Underwater you’ll find a world of texture and colour: metallic-blue starfish, giant clams with royal-purple lips and baby puffer fish floating past. Amongst this paradise you may see a lionfish lurking under a shelf, his mane-like tentacles fanning out along his backbone. These waters also shelter five species of turtle, including the rare loggerhead turtle, as well as dolphins and whales, although sightings are rare.

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